Kebume LLC is a boutique engineering consulting firm with over 60 years of experience on its staff. Our team of consultants have graduated from or taught at the world's top universities, have developed world-class products at top-tier firms, and have solved tremendous technical challenges in the disciplines of computer software, hardware, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

Engineering & Consulting Services

Full-Stack Software Consulting

Our software consulting arm specializes in high-performance, high-scalability, massive web architecture, and web and mobile application development.

Real Estate Technology Services

Using a technology-first and data-driven approach, we perform various real estate services for private clients, including online and offline real estate marketing and advertising, leasing, maintenance, and property management and social media marketing.

Ubiquitous Computing, Home Automation and Smart Homes

Our unique and rare combination of expertise in computer hardware and software, as well as electrical and mechanical enables us to be at the forefront of research and development in the ubiquitous computing space, pioneering technologies in connected home that are not even on the market yet.

We are proud to have developed and installed prototypes of automatic hot-water recirculation pumps, voice-controlled home operating systems, and automated window-blind manipulation mechanisms.

Additional Services

  • Custom Wood and Metal Working, Manual Machining and Lathe-work
    From precision parts to chicken coops, sunrooms, and office/bedroom extensions, we do it all.
  • Analog Circuit Layout And Design
  • CAD Modeling
  • General Handyman

What is the meaning of Kebume?

Kebume is a fun mispelling of, and pronounced just like, the word kaboom , the onomatopoeic word for the sound of a loud explosion.

Also, it is the romanization of the Chinese phrase, 可不麼 !? It is an exclamation-question, an expression of agreement or concurrence that roughly means, Isn't it obvious? Is that not so? or more colloquially, "Ain't it?"

That phrase distinctly summarizes our company's culture and approach to solving problems -- no challenge is too great, or too difficult -- we think creatively and create powerful, dynamic solutions which will seem simple and obvious in hindsight.