Sharx Security SCNC3905 High Definition 1080P Wireless Weatherproof H.264/MPEG4 IP Network Camera


- Wired PoE and Wireless b/g/n
- Weatherproof / Outdoor
- H.264/MPEG4 - standard streaming protocol

Editor Remarks

This is a beast-mode camera, and narrow angle version of the SCNC3905. I use this non-wide-angle camera for surveilling the sides of the house and places where you don't need wide-angle vision. The infrared night vision is an essential feature to have, and works much better at night time compared to the wide angle version because the LED pattern is such that only the path directly in front of the camera gets illuminated at night.

Excellent optical quality, and has standalone networking and cloud storage options. Can be run wired PoE or wireless. Wireless stability depends on your wireless network topology, location, and interference. If your smartphone or laptop can connect to WiFi, then so can this camera, from the same location.

Another important feature to point out is that this camera has built-in DVR and saves video footage to a local MicroSD card, so even if your monitoring DVR/PC recorder goes down, the footage is still there.